Italy Lost My Bag .. But I Guess it’s Okay Because, Wine.

Yesterday, I set off on a journey to Italia with my madre (that might be Spanish.. whatever, I’m cultured).

As I sit here typing away, I can hear my future in the next room – in the form of my mother drinking wine in bed while watching Jon Oliver. Seriously. And since I can’t sleep, I figured why not begin documenting my travels.

We flew through Philadelphia and Amsterdam to get here. Here are some things I learned along the way.

  1. In order to work for American Airlines, you must give off the impression that your puppy just died and everyone you interact with at the airport is responsible.
  2. People in Amsterdam speaks better English then I dos.
  3. Rome is great – as long as you don’t mind that your bags may not make it at the same time as you.

Yep – after over 15 hours of travel I landed in Rome to find that my bag was nowhere to be found.


That being said, I am genuinely enjoying it here so far. Still – I hope my bag gets here soon. My mother and I may have the same taste in television personalities, but her clothes are not quite my style…
Update: My bag arrived by courier 2 days into my stay in Rome. Everyone I dealt with at the airline was very helpful and sympathetic, and because of the delay I was “forced” to do some shopping totally guilt-free. The world is right again. 


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